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High School Mission Trip

This year, we will be taking our high school students to Detroit, Michigan with an organization called Praying Pelicans Missions (https://www.ppm.org/). The trip will be from June 10th-June 16th.

We will be paired with a local church doing local missions throughout the week doing different outreaches. We will also be there on a Sunday and attend the churches corporate gathering. We will have our devotional time each day to start individually and as a group to end the day. We will also have 1 recreational or free day to do something as a group to grow relationships and have a fun day. 

At the end of the week, the church we are serving is leaving for their own mission trip. This gives our students and church the opportunity to be apart of praying for and sending another church into the world for the spread of the Gospel, teaching them this isn't just a Grace church thing but a responsibility of any church.

Damian Johnson
(330) 893-3110

Detroit, Michigan

Date / Time

This trip is for High School students and High School small group leaders only.

Registration closed on Wednesday, May 10, 2023