Weekly Gatherings

It is our desire to model the life of Jesus and his ministry. Within his ministry, we see Jesus had 12 disciples. These disciples were deeply committed to the ministry together. As they did ministry together, they also did life together as they followed Jesus. This kind of commitment is what we desire to see in students.

It is in our Weekly Gatherings we desire to foster this kind of model set by Jesus. Students will gather on Tuesday evenings to pray and worship together, talk through spiritually forming topics, topics related specifically to their track, and to fellowship together.

Along with Weekly Gatherings come weekly assignments and readings to help supplement what is being discussed.



Students are expected to be plugged into a local church and serving in some capacity. This looks different depending on the track you are in. For Worship Track students, students are expected to be leading worship at least once per month.



It is not only important to make disciples, but also to be discipled. Students will be paired up with someone in the church (if not already being discipled), and will meet consistently with this person for mentorship and discipleship.


Worship Nights

Each student will be paired with a ministry leader that will meet with you each week to check in on ministry tasks, but also to disciple and mentor.


Music Lessons (Worship track)

On the first Wednesday night of each month, all tracks will come together at Grace Church (Berlin Campus) for a worship night. There is no expectation to serve (unless asked). This is an opportunity for students to be filled and worship together.


Music Lessons (Worship Track Only)

Worship Track students are expected to pursue training in at least one instrument. Students will take weekly 1 hour lessons at Off the Wall Music in New Philadelphia, Ohio.


4:12 Collective Worship Nights (Worship Track Only)

Worship Track students are expected to attend monthly 4:12 Collective Worship events.