School of Ministry

What is the school of ministry?

The School of Ministry is a year-long program designed to prepare people for the work of ministry in the church. Students are taken through the process of development as Kingdom workers while receiving theological training, spiritual formation, and ministry application. We believe that the Church should act as a training ground for people that have a desire to grow in their gifts and walk out their calling in life.

Worship Track

The mission of the School of Worship is to train and equip worship leaders in order to release them to lead effective ministries in the Church.

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Servant Leadership Track

The mission of the Servant Leadership Track is to train and equip leaders to lead effective teams and ministries through the model of serving Jesus embodied.

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Discipleship Track

The mission of the Discipleship Track is to train and equip Christ followers in what it means to be disciple who makes disciples. 

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Where to Start

Discern whether you have a calling on your life to leadership in the church. If you have discerned this calling, read through this booklet and see whether or not the Grace School of Ministry is right for you.
Fill out the application provided to apply for the School of Ministry.
A Grace staff member will reach out to you to set up an interview. In this interview we go over your application, answer any questions you may have, and help discern if the School of Ministry is right for you.

If Accepted Into the School

You will meet with the School Director in order to set up everything you need to start the school year. This includes the ministry area you will be focusing on, and the leader who will disciple you.
Classes start August 27th with our Kick-Off Day event!